Keyword Research & Gap Analysis

Every relevant new page you create is another opportunity to be found in Google.

Keyword Research

Determine which strategic keywords to target in your website’s content, and how to craft that content to satisfy both users and search engines.

The power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market and how they are searching for your content, services, or products.

Search Volume & Trend

Typically, the higher the search volume, the greater the competition and effort required to achieve organic ranking success. Go too low, though, and you risk not drawing any searchers to your site. In many cases, it may be most advantageous to target highly specific, lower competition search terms. In SEO, we call those long-tail keywords.

Don’t underestimate these less popular keywords. Long tail keywords with lower search volume often convert better, because searchers are more specific and intentional in their searches.

Gap Analysis

There will always be gaps in content. A great place to start is looking at what the competition ranks for and create similar content where it is relevant for your site.

You can win by creating content that sets the bar higher and providing answers to questions that may not have been answered elsewhere.


  • Custom pricing

The keyword analysis could cover a range of questions including (depending on your needs):

  • Keywords and search volume for the last 5 years for various terms
  • Pinpoint which keywords are rising and falling in the number of searches each month
  • Determine how difficult it is to rank for keywords
  • Competitors top pages for traffic and their top traffic driving keywords
  • Audit existing content to understand whether there is search volume beyond or not
  • Ultimately, you will get a prioritised keyword plan

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