SEO Due Diligence

SEO due diligence is crucial when considering the acquisition of a website.

Why SEO due diligence?

  1. You can clearly make more accurate forecasts and build more confident scenarios with access to this kind of information.
  2. You can sense-check the company’s plans, see if they tally with your ideas, and make updated risk assessments.
  3. You get a sense of the competencies (and competence!) of the team.


When we perform SEO due diligence, we’re looking to:

  • evaluate risk
  • evaluate projections and plans
  • evaluate marketing teams
  • evaluate upside from new strategies or better tactical implementation.


We have carried out SEO due diligence for a range of individuals and companies who are considering acquisitions within a range of categories including eCommerce, online media, travel, lead generation and others.


  • Depend on the size of the website.

We want to come to a firm opinion on:

    • to what extent the company depends on search
    • current trends in their performance and whether they are likely to be maintained or reversed
    • how likely new strategies and plans are to work
    • the scale and likelihood of specific risks and downsides we identify

Anyone can make you promises: we show you proof.

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